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Appendix 4: Brivo Onair Pass



NOTE:  Brivo Onair Pass is available to iOS devices through the Apple Store and Android devices through the Google Play Store. Additionally, firmware version 5.0.12 or higher is required in the Brivo Onair account for Brivo Onair Pass to function.


Brivo Onair Pass


Brivo Onair Pass is a downloadable application that introduces a new level of convenience to end users by providing the ability to access secured areas with a smartphone. Administrators with the appropriate permissions may send users a Brivo Onair Pass credential for use on a mobile device. For instructions on use of Brivo Onair Pass functionality by administrators, please see the Users and Groups section of this manual.


An end user using a Brivo Onair Pass can perform the following actions on their mobile device:

1.       Touch and hold the Unlock Button to unlock doors in the Brivo Onair Pass application.

2.       Select from the list of sites and doors made available by the user’s group assignment in Brivo Onair.

3.       Customize names and logos of sites and doors with the Manage Pass and Manage Door feature.


When the Brivo Onair Pass application is installed, the end user adds a new Brivo Onair Pass by entering the Pass ID and Pass Code included in the email sent to them by their administrator. Alternately, by clicking on the link in the provided email, the Pass ID and Pass Code fields automatically populate with the correct information. Once the two fields are populated, the end user simply has to click on the Add Pass button to complete the process.

Brivo Onair Passes provide users access to any number of doors across any number of sites, so long as their administrators have granted them access. The Pass Menu organizes available mobile passes by site. A user chooses a site to view and control the doors made available by their access privileges.

The Brivo Onair Pass application can contain an unlimited number of mobile passes created in any Brivo Onair account. The end user’s new mobile pass will appear in the Pass Menu identified by its site name and address.

If the user’s Brivo Onair Pass provides access to doors at more than one site in Brivo Onair, the user will see each listed as a unique site pass. Users have the option to always add new mobile passes or customize site pass names and logos directly from the application toolbar.

Since naming conventions for each account vary, often serving to clarify technical descriptions of the installation, it can be difficult for users to reconcile the technical name for a door versus how it is known within the facility. The Brivo Onair Pass application provides users with customization tools so they can more quickly navigate their passes and open the intended doors with confidence.

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