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Assigning Permissions for Reports to Assistant Administrators

Permissions can be granted to Assistant Administrators to run reports. If permitted, the Assistant Administrator can edit the configuration of a report, run a report, and/or schedule a report to be run.

1.       From the Reports tab, click on the My Reports tab, then click on the Report Configurations tab. The Report Configurations page displays.  Click on the report to which you want to grant permissions.  The Report details page displays.

2.       Click on the More Operations tab and select the Grant Report Permissions link.

3.       Select the Assistant Administrator from the dropdown menu that you wish to grant permissions to.

4.       Select which permissions you want to grant the selected Assistant Administrator by checking the appropriate boxes.

5.       Click Submit. You are returned to the Report Configuration page and the Assistant Administrator along with the chosen permissions is listed. To grant permissions to another Assistant Administrator, simply follow the process above again.

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