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Brivo Onair Overview

Brivo Onair is a software application, accessed via the Internet that enables an organization to manage its access control system (ACS) account. The Brivo Onair interface is divided into seven high level tabs. When your mouse hovers over a tab, a dropdown menu is displayed. With certain dropdown menus, a third dropdown menu can appear. Click the menu item to access the Brivo Onair pages, in order to view and maintain your account data.

The Home section provides access to Technical Support contact information and Release Notes.

The Activity section provides access to the Activity Log and Search Brivo Onair Video that shows when individual doors were accessed and by whom.

The Video section lets you view live video as well as search for and view recorded video clips.

The Users section lets you view and manage the users and groups who have access privileges to your premises.

The Reports section lets you generate customized reports as well as run User Reports, Activity Reports, and In/Out Reports.

The Setup section lets you view and manage the initial aspects of account setup and design including basic account information, cards, sites/doors, schedules, notifications, and video.

        The Account section lets you view and manage account-specific information, such as company contact information, the type of access your Administrators have to Brivo Onair, and time zone preferences.

        The Cards section lets you view and manage your card inventory.

        The Sites/Doors section lets you view and manage the individual sites defined for your account, as well as their associated doors and devices. This section also allows you to configure the control panel(s) associated with each site in your account.

        The Schedules section lets you view and manage schedules, which are used to define your users’ access privileges and to control device operations.

        The Notifications section lets you view and define rules for determining who within your organization will receive emails when certain events occur.

        The Video section provides the configuration tools for defining Brivo Onair Video cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras for integration with your Brivo Onair account.

The Journal button provides quick access to a log of Administrator activities.

The Lockdown section enables you to override regular access privileges in an emergency situation.

The Help section provides access to support documentation.

At the top right of each page:

The Administrator link allows you to access your account settings, your administrator settings, your personal login information, or logout of Brivo Onair in a secure manner.

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