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Configuration Notes and Limitations

The following limitations and guidelines should be considered when configuring a Speco DVR in Brivo Onair:


The URL must be specified in the form of http://<DVR name or IP address>:port DVR name or IP address>:port.  By default, Speco DVRs use port 100 for HTTP communication.  Therefore, the URL for Speco DVRs using the default configuration would be http://<DVR name or IP address>:port name or IP address>:100.

N.B. Please consult the DVR’s documentation to change the port for HTTP configuration. 

Do not specify an administrative-level user account (typically named “admin”) in the configuration of the DVR as it permits only one (1) concurrent connection. Instead, select a user-level account (typically named “user”) which permits up to four (4) concurrent connections.

N.B. Speco DVRs permit a maximum of four (4) concurrent connections.

Playback controls for time-based playback (i.e. rewind, play, pause, and fast forward) are not currently supported.  They may be supported in a future release. 

N.B. Speco DVRs do not support these operations for live playback.

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