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Dedicated Micros DVR Installation Notes




Due to changes in the Dedicated Micros 4.5 firmware release, client PCs must have version 6 of the Java browser plugin.  If the upgrade is necessary, users will be prompted to perform this upgrade when they attempt to view video for the first time through Brivo Onair.  Customers may also be prompted by the Java update mechanism to install further Java6 updates.  Brivo recommends that users install all updates suggested by the Java update application.  It is important to note that this upgrade process may be required on each client PC used to view video.


Additionally, customers using both badging and Dedicated Micros video integration on same client PC, will also be asked to re-install the Java Media Framework (JMF) following the upgrade when performing image capture.  This behavior is expected, and following the re-installation, image capture and other badging features will operate normally.


To use a Dedicated Micros DVR with Brivo Onair, you must take steps to ensure that the DVR’s system time is synchronized with your Brivo control panel(s). Failing to do so may result in the incorrect video being displayed for events in the Activity Log.

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