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For Barcodes:

1.       Drag the barcode icon from the palette to the editable box.

2.       Select the Barcode Properties on the right.

o    Static Text or Custom Field: The Static Field will display the same combination of numbers and/or letters for every badge printed with this template. If you wish for any static characters to appear below the barcode, you may enter it into the content field. The Custom Fields value varies according to the user for whom you wish to print the badge. If you wish for a Custom Field value to appear, select the custom field from the dropdown list.

o    Encoding: Select a code style from the dropdown list.

o    Position: You may either manually enter the position where you’d like the image, or you can simply drag the image to the desired area of the template.

o    Dimensions: You may either manually enter the desired dimensions for the image, or you can simply click on a corner of the image box and drag to increase or decrease the dimensions.

o    Rotation: Select the orientation of the barcode from the layout field.

o    Checksum: Select this box to generate a number to verify that the barcode matches the code specified in the user’s file.

o    Label: Check this box if you want numbers to be shown on the barcode.

3.       Once you have finished specifying the options for the barcode field, select Apply to apply your options. If you wish to return to the default settings, click Revert. If you wish to delete the barcode, click Delete.



Because different barcodes specify particular formats, an exclamation point may appear in the barcode field if the properties have not been entered correctly.







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