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How is video integrated with Brivo Onair?

The primary integration between your DVR and Brivo Onair is via the Activity Log, which allows you to retrieve a video segment related to a specific event. (See Viewing Video below).

From the Activity Log, Brivo Onair uses the time stamp of each event to query the DVR/NVR. It also uses the configuration data supplied on the DVR/NVRs page to determine which camera is associated with an event, via the door or device at which the event took place. The DVR/NVR then returns the requested video stream for the time and camera indicated and plays it in a popup window.

Throughout this entire process, the video images are streamed directly from the DVR to your browser; they do not pass through Brivo’s network, nor is any of your video data stored on Brivo’s servers. Brivo Onair simply acts as a “directory” for associating events in your Activity Log with specific DVR/NVRs, cameras, and time periods.

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