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To add a DVR to your account:

1.       From the Setup tab, click on the Video tab then click on DVRs.  The DVRs list displays.

2.       Click New DVR. The New DVR page displays.

                                                                                                                                                      Figure 21.      Add a DVR

3.       Enter a brief, descriptive Name for the DVR. The name can be any convenient, alphanumeric designator for the DVR. It does not need to agree with any naming established in the DVR itself, as Brivo Onair only uses this reference internally.

4.       From the Type dropdown list click the type of digital video recorder you are adding.

5.       You will need to contact your network administrator and/or DVR administrator in order to determine the URL of the DVR. Enter the URL in one of the following formats:

http://NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN (for a direct IP address) (if a DNS name has been established for your DVR)

The URL may also contain additional information, such as port numbers, for non-standard configurations.

6.       From the dropdown list, click the Time Zone used by the DVR. For the DVR feature to work properly, the value selected from this list must mirror the time zone setting for the DVR.

7.       For some DVRs, a Playback User Name and Playback Password are required which can be entered into the corresponding fields.

8.       In the Max Video Age (days) field, enter the number of days for which the DVR has been configured to store data. Brivo Onair uses this information to control its display of information on the Activity Log.

9.       If there is a time difference between the clock on the DVR and the clock on the Control Panel, enter that difference in the Playback Offset (seconds) field. For example, if the Control Panel clock is five seconds slower than the DVR clock, enter -5. If the Control Panel clock is ten seconds faster, enter 10.

10.    If using a Speco CS/GS/LS/PS model, the option to use DVRNS is available. To do so, simply check the DVRNS checkbox.  Additionally, enter the Watch Port Number and Seek Port Number.

11.    Click Save DVR. You are returned to the DVRs list with the new DVR listed in alphabetical order.

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