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To add a new DVR camera to your account:

1.       From the Setup tab, click on the Video tab then click on DVR Camera.  The DVR Cameras list displays.

2.       Click New DVR Camera. The New DVR Camera page displays.

                                                                                                                                          Figure 24.      Add a DVR Camera

3.       Enter the Name of the camera. The name can be any convenient alphanumeric designator. It does not need to agree with any naming established in the camera itself, as Brivo Onair only uses this reference internally.

4.       From the dropdown list, select the DVR to which the camera is attached. This list includes all the DVRs defined for your account.

5.       Enter the camera Number. Brivo Onair uses this number when querying the DVR for video, so it must agree with the numbering scheme you have used within your DVR.

6.       From the dropdown list, select the Device this camera will monitor. For example, if you have installed “Camera 1” to provide a view of the area near “Front Door,” select “Front Door” from the list. The camera and device must be associated on this page in order for events in the Activity Log to be correlated with the correct video stream.

7.       Click Save Camera. You are returned to the DVR Cameras List with the new camera listed.

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