Video\Adding an Eagle Eye CameraAdding an Eagle Eye Camera\To add an Eagle Eye camera to your account:

To add an Eagle Eye camera to your account:

1.       From the Setup tab, click on the Video tab then click on Eagle Eye. The Eagle Eye Camera List page displays.

2.       Click New Camera. The New Camera page displays.

                                                                                                                            Figure 30.      Add a New Eagle Eye Camera

3.       Enter a brief, descriptive Name for the Eagle Eye camera. The name can be any convenient, alphanumeric designator for the Eagle Eye Camera. It does not need to agree with any naming established in the Eagle Eye account itself, as Brivo Onair only uses this reference internally.

4.       From the Video Camera Site dropdown list, select the site to which you are attaching the Eagle Eye camera.

5.       Click on the Add Device button and a Select Devices popup window will appear. Select with which devices this Eagle Eye camera will be associated and close the window when finished.

6.       Select the Camera from the dropdown list to choose the Eagle Eye camera to link to your Brivo Onair account.

7.       Click Save.

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