Cards\Managing CardsManaging Cards\To assign a card to an existing user:

1.       From the Users tab, click on User. The User List displays.

2.       Click the user to whom you would like to assign a card. The User detail page displays.

3.       Click Edit User. The Edit User page displays. (See Managing Users on page 85 for more information.)

4.       If the user has no card assigned, enter an unassigned card number in the Card # field. If the user has lost or damaged his or her card and you want to assign a new one, type the new card number over the old. Click Select ... to see a list of all unassigned cards.



When you enter a new card number over an old one, the old card is revoked when you click Save; it can then be re-assigned to another user or deleted from the Card Bank.


5.        Click Save. The User detail page displays.

6.       Give the card to the user.


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