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To create/edit a motion detection zone for an OVR camera:



The Inclusion Window in the Motion Detection Window initially covers the entire screen but may be edited.


1.       From the Setup tab, click on the Video tab, then choose the OVR tab. The OVR Camera List page appears.

2.       Click on the edit icon next to the camera you would like to edit or click on the Edit Camera link. The Edit Camera page displays.

3.       Click on the Edit Motion Window link. The Motion Detection Window displays.

4.       To add an Exclusion Window click on the Exclusion Icon icon in the upper left hand corner. An exclusion window will appear in the upper left corner and may be moved to fit the area needed.



Only five (5) Exclusion Windows may be added to any camera window.

5.       To delete an Exclusion window, simply highlight the window and click on the  icon which will delete the selected Exclusion Window

6.       When finished, click Save Motion Window and any motion detected within an Exclusion Window will not appear in the Activity log.  You are returned to the Edit Camera page. Click Save Camera to save.

                                                                                                                                 Figure 14.      Motion Detection Window

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