Email Notifications\Managing Notification RulesManaging Notification Rules\To create a rule:

1.       From the Setup tab, click on the Notifications tab, then choose Notification Rules. The Notification Rule List displays.

2.       Click on the New Notification Rule button. The New Notification Rule page displays.

3.       If there are multiple sites defined for an account and you can view more than one of them, you will be prompted to select a site to which the rule applies.

                                                                                                                              Figure 167.      View Notification Rule List

                                                                                                                              Figure 168.      Create a Notification Rule

4.       Enter a brief Description, such as “Robert’s Door Ajar Events.”

5.       Enter one or more email addresses in the Recipients field. Multiple addresses must be separated by commas.

6.       Select each desired Exception Event, Successful Access Event (by group and/or by user), Device Event, Control Pane/Board Event, and Camera Event.

7.       From the Notification Schedule dropdown list, click the schedule during which the notification rule should be enforced. The identified recipients will only receive emails about events occurring during the selected schedule of time.

8.       From the Notification Language dropdown list, select the language in which you want to receive the notification.

9.       Click Save Notification. The Notification Rule detail page displays.

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