Reports\Saving and Re-running an Activity ReportSaving and Re-running an Activity Report\To create an activity report:

To create an activity report:

1.       From the Reports tab, click on the Activity Reports tab. The Activity Reports page displays.

                                                                                                                                    Figure 72.      Activity Reports Display

2.       Select New Report. Options display.

3.       Enter a Name for the report.

4.       From the Fields scroll down list click, the fields you want to include in the report. Use Shift to select multiple consecutive fields or Ctrl to select multiple non-consecutive fields.

                                                                                                                                Figure 73.      Creating an Activity Report

5.       When the field(s) you want to include in the report are highlighted, click the right arrow . The selected fields appear in the right-hand list. To remove fields from the report, click the field name(s), and then click the left arrow .

6.       When you have selected the field(s) that will be reported on, move onto the Devices list to click any doors or devices for which you wish to generate an activity report.

7.       Next you move onto Sites, selecting from the Sites list the site(s) for which you wish to generate an activity report.

8.       You may also specify which groups for whom you wish to generate an activity report by selecting from the Groups list.

9.       If you wish to generate an activity report that is sorted by a user’s activity, click on the Add User link. A pop-up will display with a list of users that you can then add by clicking on the user names. The user appears in the Users field. When finished adding users, click on the  icon in the upper right- hand corner to close the popup window. You are returned to the Activity Report page.


                                                                                                                               Figure 74.      Activity Report User options

10.    To specify the time frame during which the activity occurred, you can add a filter to the report by using the dropdown lists at the bottom of the page. The default time frame is set for today.

11.    You may select the time during which the activity occurred as Absolute or Relative by selecting either option from the buttons shown.

12.    If you select Absolute for your activity report option, the Start and End fields will become active. From these fields you can click on the calendar to select the exact dates and times to include in your activity report.

13.    If you select Relative for your activity report option, a dropdown box next to Relative will appear that includes Next or Last. Next, select the number of days to include in the report by filling in the Days field.


                                                                                                                           Figure 75.      Activity Report Occurred Fields

14.    If you want to include only a subset of the fields in your report, you can add a filter to any field. From the Add filter dropdown list, select the field to which you want to add a filter and then click the plus (+) button. A set of corresponding filter fields displays: a formula dropdown list and a properties data entry field. To remove a filter, click the minus (-) button.

15.    For Text fields, the formula dropdown list includes the options Is, Is Not, Starts with, and Ends with. Select a formula from the dropdown list, and then enter the corresponding properties in the adjoining data entry field. For example, if you want a report of all users with the last name Smith, you might select Last Name from the Add filter dropdown list, and then select Is from the formula dropdown list, and enter Smith in the adjoining properties field.

16.    For Date fields, the formula dropdown list includes the options Is, Is Not, Before, After, and Between. As with Number fields, if you select Between you must enter two property values.


                                                                                                                               Figure 76.      Activity Report filter options

17.    If you want to include a subset for the type of event that occurred, select an event from the dropdown list Report Event Type. This list includes several events:

18.    Device events, which report on any I/O device activity;

19.    Control Panel events, which report on power status and/or tamper activity;

20.     Access and Failed Access events, which report on all events pertaining to entry and on failed access attempts;

21.    User events, which report on a particular user’s activity;

22.    Administrator Events, which report on door pulsing.

23.    Choose the format for which you would like to view this report from the dropdown menu. You may view the report as an Excel file (csv) or as an HTML file (html).

24.    If you want the report to be marked as Private, check the Create As Private box.

25.    You may save this report in order to run it again in the future by clicking the Save button.

26.    Click Run Report to view an existing report.


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