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To edit a custom field:

1.       From the Setup tab, choose the Account tab then click the Custom Fields tab. The Custom Fields List displays.

2.       Click the Edit checkbox associated with the field you want to edit. The Edit Custom Field page displays.

                                                                                                                            Figure 61.      Edit a Custom Field Definition

3.       You can change the Field Name and Display Order Position of the field, and if the field has been defined as a date, you can also change the Date Format. However, you cannot change the Field Type once a custom field is created. Instead, you must delete the existing field and create a new one of the type desired.

4.       Click Save Custom Field. You are returned to the Custom Fields List with the updated information displayed. The changes are automatically effective throughout the account.



Because changes to custom fields are reflected throughout the account, you should think carefully before making any such changes. For example, if there is a custom field named Department and you change it to Office Number, all department data enter previous to the change will now be recorded as office numbers.


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