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To Run a Report Now

1.       From the Reports tab, click on My Reports, then click on Report Configurations.  All existing report configurations will appear.

2.       Select the Report Name you wish to run and click on the Run Report link under the Run Now column. The Create Report Job page will appear.

3.       Select the report Output Format.  Formats available are CSV, HTML, and PDF.

4.       Under Select Report Recipients, the name of the current administrator will automatically appear. If additional recipients are wanted, click on the Add Recipient link. A list of administrators will appear. Click on whichever administrator you want, and that administrator will disappear from the list and appear in the Select Reports Recipient box. When a report is generated, it takes into account the administrator’s permission. When finished, click on the Close Window link and you are returned to the Create Report Job page.

5.       The Email Report dropdown menu defaults to none, but also allows the Report Recipients to be notified via email (the email listed in the admin profile) that the report has been run or to be notified and to have a copy of the report included as an attachment to the email.

6.       Click Run Report and you are returned to the Reports Jobs page.

7.       The report is now listed in the Queue.  To view the report, click on the Output link under the Output column.  The report outputs in whatever form was selected when the job was created.

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