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To run the Pelco DVR:

Before you can use the Pelco DVR with Brivo Onair you must first install the driver, available through the Brivo technical support website at While installing the Pelco X-Portal driver, you must uncheck the “Run at startup” field.

pelco setup disable run at startup

                                                                                                                                 Figure 171.      Disable “Run at Startup”


1.       After installing the driver, you must install the Pelco DVR X-Portal 3.2 Service Pack 3 available through the Brivo technical support website at

2.       Once you have installed the driver and service pack, login to the Brivo Onair application and add the DVR according to the instructions in Adding a DVR.

3.       When configuring a Pelco DVR for Brivo Onair, users must keep in mind that the DVR IP address is assigned by the customer's network administration; the URL specified must be an IP address and not a host name, entered as http://<dvrIPaddress>:9002, where <dvrIPaddress> is the value specified in the Pelco DVR manual.

4.       Viewing footage on a Pelco DVR requires the viewer to enter a specific user name and password per DVR on that account. If a user has more than one Pelco DVR on an account, the user must have separate login information per DVR. Additionally, only one user may enter a given username and password at a time to view live video, and the user accounts on the DVR must be created in the “Power User Group.” For more information on login names, please refer to the Pelco DVR manual or your system administrator.

5.       The Network Time Protocol (NTP) must be configured on the DVR.  Instructions for configuring NTP are available in the DVR manual.



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