Users and Groups\Browsing the Group ListBrowsing the Group List\To view the list of groups for your account:

1.       From the Users tab, click the Group tab. The Group List displays.

                                                                                                                                               Figure 33.      View Group List

Your Administrator privileges determine which groups display on this page.

The Master Administrator and Senior Administrators can see all groups in the account.

Assistant Administrators can see only the groups for which they have been given View privileges.

Features of this page include:

To Filter the group list page by selecting from the dropdown menu. For example, to locate all groups which contain the letter P, select Group Name from the filter, type “P” into the text field and click Go.  The results will display below.

To Jump to any point in the alphabet, click a letter in the alphabet bar at the top of the page. For example, to locate the group “Managers,” click the letter M. Letters with no corresponding last names are grayed out.

For all viewable groups, you will see:

Left (back) and right (forward) scroll arrows if the list is more than one page long.

An icon next to each group indicating whether or not the group has access privileges. (A grey icon indicates the group has not yet been assigned privileges.)

The Group Name, serving as a link to the Group detail page

The number of Users in the group

A summary of your Administrator permissions for each group (View, Edit, Append)

The date on which the group was Created


An option at the bottom of the page, Print All Groups, allows you to print a report of all current groups along with a list of the schedules used by each.

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