Sites\Browsing the Site ListBrowsing the Site List\To view the list of sites for your account:

1.       From the Setup dropdown menu, choose the Sites/Doors tab then click on the Site tab. The Site List displays.

                                                                                                                                          Figure 122.      View the Site List

Your Administrator permissions determine which sites you can view on this page.

The Master Administrator and all Senior Administrators can view all sites defined for the account.

Assistant Administrators can view only those sites for which they have assigned permissions.


For all viewable sites, you will see:

The Site Name, which serves as a link to the Site detail page

The site Address

The number of Doors and Devices currently defined for the site

Checkboxes indicating if your Administrator permissions allow you to View, Edit, and/or Activate Devices information maintained for the site


Features of this page include:

To Filter the site list page by selecting from the dropdown menu. For example, to locate all the sites that contains the letter S, select Site Name from the filter, type “S” into the text field and click Go.  The results will display below.

To Jump to any point in the alphabet, click a letter in the alphabet bar at the top of the page. For example, to locate the site “Maple Street Office” click the letter M. Letters with no corresponding sites are grayed out.


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