Users and Groups\Browsing the User ListBrowsing the User List\To view the list of users for your account:

1.       From the Users tab, click on Users. The User List­­ displays.

                                                                                                                                                 Figure 39.      View User List

Your Administrator permissions determine which users display on this page.

The Master Administrator and all Senior Administrators can see all users in the account.

Assistant Administrators can see only users who belong to groups for which they have View privileges. See Editing Assistant Administrator Permissions for more information.


Features of this page include:

To Filter the user list page by selecting from the dropdown menu. For example, to locate all users whose last name contains the letter S, select Last Name from the filter, type “S” into the text field and click Go.  The results will display below.

To Jump to any point in the alphabet, click a letter in the alphabet bar at the top of the page. For example, to locate the user “Tom Smith,” click the letter S. Letters with no corresponding last names are grayed out.

To scroll forward in the alphabet, click the right arrow in the top right corner. To scroll backward in the alphabet, click the left arrow. To the left of the arrows, the system indicates which set of user records you are currently viewing, i.e., 1-20 (of 25).

The icon next to each user name indicates that user’s current status: Active (green icon), Suspended (yellow icon), Deleted (red out icon), or Unaffiliated (grey icon). Unaffiliated users are users who do not belong to any group and therefore have no access privileges. Additionally, an administrator may click on the icon to suspend or reinstate the selected User. When the administrator clicks on the icon, a pop-up window appears informing the administrator of the status change. For example, if Joe Smith is an active user, the icon will change from green (Active) to yellow (Suspended) when the administrator clicks on it. When the administrator clicks on it a second time, it will change back to its original status.



All Administrators can view unaffiliated users.


To view information about a user, click the user’s name. The User detail page displays.

The first three custom fields from the User detail page display on the User List. In the example above, Department, Parking Spot, and License Plate are all custom fields. For information about renaming the field labels, please see Managing Custom Fields.

To print a badge for a user, click the Print Badge icon associated with that user’s name to access the Print Badge page. See Managing Badges for more info.

To delete an individual user, click the delete icon next to that user’s name, and then click OK in the confirmation window.

To locate a deleted user, use the filter dropdown to select Status, choose Deleted, and click Go. The page will refresh. Deleted users are represented by a red icon with a white X. You can view, but not edit, the details of a deleted user.



Only the Master Administrator and Senior Administrators can view deleted users.


Click Print All Users to generate a report of the users in the account. The report does not include deleted users.

Click Export Users to run a User Export report in .zip format. The zip file will contain a folder containing the users list in .csv format as well as a folder containing pictures associated with each user. The pictures are named to match the User ID of each user.

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