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What are Reports?

Brivo Onair provides reporting capabilities on a variety of levels.

Under the Reports tab, My Reports is a query and configuration tool for predefined commonly run reports, allowing these reports to be generated and parameterized depending upon administrator permissions. This section is subdivided into Report Jobs, Report Schedules, and Report Configurations.

Brivo Onair supports customized User Reports. This functionality enables you to query your database for information related to a specific user.

Brivo Onair also supports customized Activity Reports. This functionality is a customized query of system activity for information related to devices, sites, groups, and/or users.

The In/Out Report allows you identify which users have gained credentialed access to a site (In), and who amongst that group has subsequently used a credential to leave the site (Out).

Finally, all created reports now can be marked as private at the time of creation.  Private reports are only viewable by the master administrator as well as the super/senior administrator who created it.

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