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What are the networking requirements?

In order to view video data from Brivo Onair, your DVR must be configured to allow your Internet browser to connect from any location where you will need to view video.

As shown in the figure below, the Administrator’s browser may be either local or remote to the LAN on which the DVR is set up. Network configuration requirements will vary depending on whether you wish to view video from within your corporate network only, or from anywhere on the Internet. Please consult with your network administrator and the manual for your DVR model to determine the detailed procedures for setting up parameters as described below.

Your DVR will need to be configured with static IP parameters in order for your browser to address it from within Brivo Onair. Your network administrator may even wish to establish a DNS entry for the DVR, although this is not strictly necessary. You will need to enter either the static IP address or the DNS name for your DVR into Brivo Onair in order for it to reach your DVR from the Activity Log and elsewhere within the application.

If you wish to access video from the Internet (i.e., outside your LAN), then your Firewall and Router will need to make the DVR address available outside of your LAN. This may be done through assigning a publicly routable IP address to your DVR, or by setting up port mapping from one of your other publicly routable IP addresses to the DVR. Consult your network administrator for the configuration that best fits your network architecture and information security policies.


                                                                                                                        Figure 19.      Network View of DVR Integration

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