Appendices\Appendix 5: Mercury Panels

Brivo Onair supports the use of Mercury EP1502 control panels and MR52 door boards. Prior to adding your control panel to your Brivo Onair account, there are configuration requirements to make a Mercury EP1502 control panel compatible with Brivo Onair.

IMPORTANT: Pre-Installation Requirements

For Mercury panel hardware and software setup, follow the instructions laid out in the Mercury Installation Manual. Without following these steps, Brivo Onair will be unable to recognize the Mercury EP1502 panel as a valid control panel and the installation will fail.

In order to properly configure Mercury panels, you must download a Java Developer Kit (JDK) to your local computer. This will allow you to open the configuration file (in .jar format) and execute the configuration steps. JDKs are free to download from multiple internet sources.

In order to successfully configure the Mercury panel, your computer must be on the same subnet as the Mercury panel you are configuring.

If you do not already know the current username and password for the Mercury panel, you have to flip Dipswitch 1 and you then have five minutes to use the default username (admin) and password (password).

In order to complete the panel registration process, you will need to have your Brivo Onair Username and Password ready.











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