Appendices\Appendix 5: Mercury PanelsAppendix 5: Mercury Panels\To add a Mercury EP1502 control panel in Brivo Onair:

To add a Mercury EP1502 control panel in Brivo Onair:

Once properly configured, Mercury EP1502 control panels can be registered to a Brivo Onair account in the same way a Brivo ACS6000 or ACS300 panel is registered.

1.       Login to your Brivo Onair account.

2.       Navigate to the Setup tab and down to Setup -> Sites/Doors -> New Control Panel.



3.       Type in the desired name for the control panel.

4.       Type in the Control Panel ID. This will be the Mercury panel’s MAC address with the prefix “SCP-.” (Ex. SCP-1234567890).

5.       Input any notes and then click Save Control Panel. The View Control page displays.



6.       The panel has now been associated to your Brivo Onair Account. Click on the Control Panels button and the Control Panels page displays.



7.       Ensure that your Mercury control panel is communicating by verifying the time/date of the Last Contact field. You may continue with configuring the rest of your Brivo Onair account.

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