Appendices\Appendix 1: Troubleshooting

Appendix 1: Troubleshooting

Which web browser can I use to log in to my account?

We support Internet Explorer™ 9, 10, and 11 as well as the latest stable versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

The Brivo Onair interface is not displaying properly.

Make sure you are using a supported browser. The DVR functionality uses ActiveX Controls that require you to use Internet Explorer™ 9.0 as your browser and to allow this browser to install these controls on your system. Other functional elements, such as OVR functionality, require the Flash™ Player.

My computer won’t let me install the Flash™ Player.

Some computer networks prevent users from installing software of any kind. Please contact your network administrator for assistance.

When I click certain links, nothing happens.

You might be trying to open a popup window, but your browser is suppressing popup windows or your browser is disabling JavaScript™. Check the Settings, Options or Privacy and Security menu and make sure that popup windows are permitted at this Web site, and that scripting is enabled. Alternatively, a popup blocker application is preventing certain windows from opening. Try turning off the popup blocker during your session or instructing the popup blocker to allow popup windows at this Web site.

My computer asks me to accept a cookie when I log on.

Click Accept. A cookie is used to create a session between your computer and our server. If you reject or disable cookies, you won’t be able to log on.

I got kicked out of my session.

As a security precaution, sessions are terminated after 20 minutes of inactivity. If you are transferred to the Administrator Login page in the middle of your session, re-enter your login information, and your session will continue where it left off.

Some of my data seems to have disappeared. Where did it go?

Another Administrator for your account may have edited your permissions (i.e. changed which groups and sites you can view or edit). Click the Setup tab then the Administrators tab then click on your Administrator ID to view your permissions. For further assistance, please contact your Master Administrator.

There appears to be new data in my account. Where did it come from?

See the previous question.

Why are some links and navigation tabs grayed out or missing?

There are a number of tasks that cannot be performed by Assistant Administrators.  Some of these include accessing lockdown creating groups, editing group privileges, and, in some cases, creating schedules. Please contact the Master Administrator of your account for assistance.

I can’t reach the Web site at all.

Make sure your Internet connection is active: Can you go to other Web sites? Are you able to check email? If you are able to reach other Web sites, but not this Web site, please contact Technical Support.

I just added cards to the Card Bank, but they don’t work.

Cards don’t work until they are assigned to users. If you attempt to use a card that has not been issued to a user, you should receive a Failed Access: Card never issued   message in the Activity Log. Tip: Before adding a range of cards, add one or two, then assign them to users, and then test them.

I created a new user, but his or her card isn’t working.

Was the user’s card added to the Card Bank correctly? (Did you enter an incorrect facility code or choose the wrong card format?) Try deleting the card from the Card Bank, then re-adding the card, then re-assigning it to the user.

Or, does the user belong to a group with correct privileges? Go to the User List and click the user’s name. Then, Click the group (or groups) to which the user belongs. Does the group have permission to access the door in question (at the time in question)? Please note, only the Master Administrator and Senior Administrators can create groups and edit group privileges.

I deleted a user. What happens next?

The user is removed from any group(s) to which he or she belongs. As a result, his or her access privileges are terminated. If a deleted user attempts access with his former card or PIN, you should receive a Failed Access: User was deleted message in the Activity Log.

After deleting a user, should I delete his or her card from the Card Bank?

No. If you delete it, you won’t receive Failed Access messages if the card is presented at a reader.

I deleted a user and repossessed his or her card. Should I delete the card from the Card Bank?

No. Leave it in the Card Bank so you can issue it to another user at a later date.

Can I “undelete” a user?


A user’s card or PIN stopped working.

Was the user deleted or suspended by another Administrator of your account? Does the user belong to a group with appropriate privileges?

Or, have the user’s access privileges expired? Go to the Users/Groups section and click the user’s name. Make sure the user is within his or her effective date range. If the user’s access privileges have expired, you can re-activate the user by editing or erasing the Effective To date.

Or, is the door in question observing a holiday period? Go to the Schedules section, and then see if any holidays are in effect at that door at that time.

Or, is there a problem with the card reader? Does it appear to have lost power? If you suspect the problem is related to the reader or door hardware, please contact your dealer immediately.

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