Badging\Badge Templates\For Static Text:

For Static Text:

1.       Drag the text icon from the palette to the editable box.

                                                                                                                                                      Figure 114.      Text Icon



o    Content: You will see the contents updated on the template as you type. All other text types will display the information that was entered when creating the user for whom you wish to create the badge.

Layout and Rotation

o    Dimensions: The “left,” “top,” “width,” “height,” and “rotation” fields represent the dimensions of the text object on the badge. You may click the arrows to rotate the text. You may also either manually enter the desired dimensions for the text, or you can simply click on a corner of the text box and drag to increase or decrease the dimensions.

o    Word Wrap: The Word Wrap box is checked by default to avoid text breaks.

o    Best Fit: If the Word Wrap box is unchecked, the Best Fit option scales the text to fit the space.




If word wrapping is not enabled, you cannot change the horizontal text alignment.


                                                                                                                       Figure 115.      Static Text Layout and Rotation


o    Color: Choose a color for the static text from the pop up color box. To keep the selected color, click Save. To cancel the selection, click Cancel.

o    Font: Select a font from the dropdown list.

o    Effects: The B and I icons allow you to select either bold or italic typeface.

o    Size: Select a size font from the dropdown list.

o    Horizontal Alignment: Select an icon for left-aligned, center-aligned, or right-aligned text.

o    Vertical Alignment: Select the vertical alignment for the text object from the dropdown list.

o    Opacity: To alter how transparent the text is, use the scale next to the Opacity field.


o    Color: To choose a background color for the text object, click Set and click on the box next to the Color field. A pop up window will display color options. Select a color and click Ok to save, or Cancel to exit the pop up. If you have set a color for the background text, the Set text will change to Reset, providing you with the option to clear the color selection. 

o    Opacity: To set the opacity of the background color, use the scale next to the Opacity field.



Because of scaling and other factors, the badge font size may or may not correspond to the font point size from word processing programs.


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