Badging\Badge Templates\To create a badge template:

To create a badge template:

1.       From the Setup tab, choose the Cards tab then click Badging. The badge template list displays. If there are preexisting badge templates, the page displays them.

2.       Click New Badge Template. The badging interface displays with an editable area for creating a badge template.

3.       In the Badge Properties box, enter a name for the template in the Name field.

4.       Select either Portrait or Landscape for the orientation of the template from the dropdown list in the Badge Properties box. The orientation of the card determines the scale of both image and text objects.


                                                                                                          Figure 109.      Template Orientation and Name Options

To choose a background color for the badge template, click the box next to the color field in the Badge Properties box under the Background section.  A pop up window will display color options. Select a color and click Ok to save, or Cancel to exit the pop up. If you wish to clear the background, click the Reset button next to the color box.  

                                                                                                                              Figure 110.      Select a Background Color

To add an image as your background, click Browse to import an image. Click Open to apply the image or Cancel to delete it.

Choose from the list of items on the palette on the left and drag them to the blank badge in the middle to create your badge template.

Depending on which items you dragged from the palette onto the badge template, text will appear in the box next to the badge template. Though the field may read “First Name,” the user’s first name will appear automatically when using that template to print a badge for the user. To adjust the settings of any palette object, refer to the Item Properties box.

                                                                                                                                             Figure 111.      Item Properties

If you wish to layer objects, use the layering icons at the bottom of the Item Properties box to move the item to the front or back of the badge template.

                                                                                                                                          Figure 112.      Layering Buttons

5.       Once you have finished specifying the options for your template, click the Save icon to save your badge. If you wish to return to the last saved version of the badge, click the Revert icon. If you wish to clear the entire badge and start over, click the Clear icon. If you wish to return to the list of badges, click the Back to List icon.

                                                                                                                                 Figure 113.      Badging Interface Icons


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