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Important Antipassback Considerations:

The panel’s firmware must be at least version 5.0.9 in order to configure Antipassback settings.

Antipassback is not configurable with Edge devices.

The maximum number of doors that can be configured for Antipassback is 30, as long as one door is configured as an entrance and one is an exit.

Administrators cannot delete a door once it has been configured for Antipassback. To do so, the administrator must first unconfigure Antipassback and then delete the door.

If an individual enters a door without showing his credential, he will not be able to exit when he presents his credential. Similarly, individuals who exit a door without presenting a credential will not be allowed to reenter until the Antipassback Reset Interval has elapsed.

If you wish for only one individual to have immunity to Antipassback controls, create a group with only one user—the user you wish to have immunity. Then check the box “Immunity to Antipassback.”

Groups who are immune to Antipassback controls do not follow the same Antipassback controls as those who are not immune. These users are free to enter or exit a door even if the Antipassback Reset Interval has not elapsed.

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