Control Panels\Managing Antipassback Controls

Managing Antipassback Controls

To configure controls for Antipassback Reset Interval:


1.       From the Setup dropdown menu, choose the Sites/Doors tab then click on the Control Panels tab. The Control Panel List displays.

2.       Click the control panel for which you wish to configure Antipassback Reset Interval. The page displays the panel details and control boards.

                                                                                                                                     Figure 152.      Antipassback Access

3.       Click the More Operations dropdown list and click on the Configure Antipassback link. The Antipassback page displays with information regarding the panel’s sites, doors, boards, nodes, and alternate readers, and allows you to choose whether you would like to configure the door as an ingress or egress.

                                                                                                                   Figure 153.      Configuring Antipassback Settings

4.       Enter the number of minutes from 0 to 240 for the Antipassback Reset Interval.

5.       Select whether from the dropdown list whether you wish to configure Antipassback controls for the door as an ingress, egress, or neither.

6.       If you would like the door to be controlled by two readers, you may configure Antipassback controls for an alternate reader by selecting a board from the Alternate Reader dropdown list.

7.       Click Save Antipassback Settings. You are returned to the panel details page.

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