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To configure Antipassback Reset Time:

1.       From the Users/Groups dropdown menu, click the Group tab. The Group List displays.

2.       Click the group for which you wish to configure the Antipassback Reset Time. The page displays the group details.

3.       Click Edit Group Privileges at the bottom of the group details list. The Edit Privileges page displays.

4.       If you would like the group to remain immune from the Antipassback Reset Time, check the “Immune to Antipassback” box underneath the “Edit Privileges” title. If you would like for only a particular user to remain immune from Antipassback controls, you may create a group containing just that particular user.

                                                                                                                               Figure 154.      Antipassback Reset Time

5.       Enter a time that you would like the Antipassback controls to be reset.

6.       Click Save Group. You are returned to the group details page.

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