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Samsung DVR Installation Notes



Do not use the administrative user (admin) for accessing video from Brivo Onair.  This user blocks access to other users when logged in – causing a single user to prevent others from viewing video from Brivo Onair.  Instead, configure Brivo Onair to the default user (user) or another regular user configured in the DVR with the appropriate privileges.


Brivo Onair supports the following Samsung DVR models:

Samsung SHR-504x

Samsung SHR-508x

Samsung SHR-516x

Samsung SHR-604x

Samsung SHR-608x

Samsung SHR-616x

Samsung SHR-708x

Samsung SHR-716x

Samsung SHR-808x

Samsung SHR-816x

To configure the Windows NTP synchronization program for Samsung:

1.        Right click on the time displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the Start bar.  The Date/Time popup menu displays.

2.        Click Adjust Date/Time.  The Date and Time Properties dialog box opens.

3.        Click the Internet Time.

4.        Click the Automatically synchronize with an Internet time server checkbox.  The Server field becomes active.

5.        In the Server field, enter

6.        Click OK.  The Date and Time Properties dialog box closes.

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