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To run the Matrix DVR:

1.       Login to the Brivo Onair application and add the DVR according to the instructions in Adding a DVR.

2.       To sync the time of the DVR with the time server, refer to the Time and Date Set Up section in your Matrix DVR manual.

3.        When adding the DVR in Brivo Onair, enter the URL value for the Matrix that you received from your Network Administrator.

4.        If you do not have the Matrix Active X control installed, you will be prompted to install it when you click on the link from Brivo Onair to view live video. The prompt reads: “This website wants to install the following add-on: ‘RASPlus WatSear Active X Control:’ from IDIS. If you trust the website and the add-on and want to install it, click here.” Once you have installed the active control, you should be able to view live video.

5.       If you receive an “Invalid Product Version” message while trying to view video from a Matrix DVR, you will need to reinstall the ActiveX control used to play the video. ActiveX controls have been updated and will not be installed unless the old ones are removed first. To remove the ActiveX control, follow the instructions below for the version of Internet Explorer you are using.

6.       For Internet Explorer 8

7.       Click Tools -> Manage Add-ons

8.       Select RASplus_WatSear Control

9.       Right Click on the control and select “More Information”

10.    Click “Remove” at the bottom of the dialog

11.    Confirm confirmation dialogs

12.    Close all windows and restart Internet Explorer.

13.    For Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, please upgrade your browser to IE8 or IE9 or IE10

14.    You will be prompted to install the control again when you return to the video playback page and attempt to play video.



If you are using Internet Explorer 8, it is recommended to turn “Protected Mode” off while installing the new Active X Control.




You must press “pause” on the Matrix DVR before rewinding or fast-forwarding through footage.




You must wait 120 seconds (2 minutes) after an event has occurred before viewing it when using a Matrix DVR.


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