Cards\Adding CardsAdding Cards\To add a set of cards to the Card Bank:

1.       From the Setup dropdown menu, choose the Cards tab then click on the Add Cards tab. The Add Cards page displays.

                                                                                                                            Figure 102.      Add Cards to the Card Bank

2.       Click the appropriate Card Format on the dropdown list. The default is Standard 26 Bit.



Certain card formats have additional required fields. The information to be entered into these fields should be provided in the documentation accompanying the cards.


3.       Enter the FIRST External Number and LAST External Number. The external number is the number printed on the card’s surface. For example, card #200 will have “200” or “00200” printed on its corner. The external number is a reference to the card itself within the set (i.e. “John Doe has card #200 of 300 cards"). External numbers must be unique; your account cannot have two cards with the same external number).

4.       Enter the FIRST Internal Number if the internal numbers and external sequences are different. The internal number is part of the card’s embedded value. The internal number and external number are often the same, but in some cases, they are offset. For example, you can have a series of 100 cards in which the external numbers are 3001-3100 and the internal numbers are 5001-5100.

5.       Only enter information into the Optional Card Offset if instructed to do so by Brivo Technical Support.

6.       If required by the card format, enter the Agency Code, System Code, Credential Series, Individual Credit Issue, Person Identifier, Organizational Category, Organizational Identifier, and Person/Organization Association Category. The information in these fields should have been provided along with the credentials.

7.       If required by the card format, enter the Facility Code that came from the card manufacturer. Not all cards have facility codes.

8.       Click Add Cards. The confirmation prompt at the top of the screen should indicate how many cards were added to the system.

9.       Click Card Bank to view the new cards.

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