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Adding Cards

There are two ways to add cards to the Card Bank. A range of cards may be added all at once by defining the first and last External Numbers for the set. For example, you can add 100 cards all at the same time by specifying the first card’s External Number (e.g., 3000) and the last card’s External Number (e.g., 3100). All Administrators can add cards using this procedure.

Alternatively, you can add individual cards on an as-needed basis through a process referred to as “swipe-to-enroll.” The Master Administrator, all Senior Administrators, and Assistant Administrators with permissions at the site where the card is “swiped” can add cards in this manner.

Procedures for both methods are described below.




You can have cards with the same external number, but the combination of card number, facility code, and format must be unique within an account. For example, you can have two cards that both have card number 42, as long as they have different facility codes.


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