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To change an Administrator’s status:

1.       From the Setup tab, choose the Account tab then click on the Administrators tab. The Administrators directory displays.

2.       Click the Administrator whose status you wish to change. The Administrator detail page displays.

3.       Click the More Operations dropdown and then select Edit Status. The Edit Status page displays.

                                                                                                                                  Figure 98.      Edit Administrator Status

4.       To give the Administrator “Super” or “Senior” status:

5.       Click Senior Administrator on the Status dropdown list.

6.       To create a Super Administrator, click Yes to indicate the Administrator can create, edit or delete other Administrators.  To create a Senior Administrator, click No.

7.       Click Save Status. The Administrator detail page displays, reflecting the Administrator’s new permissions. Edit Permissions is now inactive, since all Senior and Super Administrators are automatically granted the complete set of assigned permissions.

8.       To give the Administrator “Assistant” status:

9.       Click Assistant Administrator on the Status dropdown list.

10.    Ignore the Can create, edit, delete Admins field.

11.    Click Save Status. The Administrator detail page displays, indicating that the Administrator now has no assigned permissions.

12.    Click Edit Permissions to grant site- and group-specific permissions to the Administrator. See Editing Assistant Administrator Permissions for more information.


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