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To configure the static IP address of an OVR camera:



These steps are only necessary if the camera will be configured on a network that requires a static IP address; otherwise, the cameras function as plug-and-play cameras.


1.       Connect the camera via an Ethernet cable.

2.       Disconnect the computer from the wireless network in order to manually configure the static IP to an address other than, as that IP address is assigned to the camera by default. For more information on how to manually configure a static IP address, contact your Network Administrator.

3.       Open your browser and type in the camera’s IP address: The camera’s main page opens. From this page you can adjust the following:

Focus: allows you to view the camera’s focus in order to determine whether or not the view is clear. 

Network Settings: the network settings default to “obtain IP address via DHCP;” for networks that require a static IP, you must check the box “use the following IP address” and configure the settings according to the information from your Network Administrator.

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