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To create a Resident

1.       From the Users dropdown menu, choose Telephone Entry System and then select New Resident. The New Resident page appears.

2.       Choose the Telephone Directory to which the Resident will belong from the dropdown menu.

3.       Type the Directory Name as it will appear in the Resident List.

4.       Enter the Directory Code for the Resident.

5.       Enter the First Name of the Resident.

6.       Enter the Last Name of the Resident.

7.       Enter the Primary Phone of the Resident.

8.       Enter the Alternate Phone of the Resident.

9.       If desired, select a Do Not Disturb schedule from the dropdown menu.

10.    If you desire to hide the resident from the Directory List, click the Yes button. Do not click the No button unless you want the resident to be hidden.

11.    Click Save.


                                                                                                                                     Figure 175.      Create New Resident

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