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To edit group privileges:

1.       From the Users tab, click the Group tab. The Group List displays. 

2.       Click the group you wish to edit. The View Group page displays.

3.       Click Edit Group. The Edit Group page displays.

                                                                                                                                        Figure 38.      Edit Group Privileges

4.       Click the Keypad Unlock-Hold Privileges checkbox to allow any member of this group to override a door unlock schedule by presenting his or her credentials and entering 99#. To reactivate the door unlock schedule, the group member enters 00#. This option is valid for keypads only.

5.       Click the Immune to Antipassback checkbox if you want this group to not be affected by any antipassback settings in place.

6.       Select an Antipassback Reset Time for soft antipassback or leave the field blank for hard antipassback. For more information, see Configuring Antipassback.

7.       In the Site field, the default is Current Privileges. To view all the available devices for the account, select All Sites from the dropdown list, and the list of sites (as well as each device name and device type) will display. If you only want the group to have access to a certain site(s), you may select a single site from the site dropdown list.

8.       To specify when the group will have access to each device, scroll through the Schedule dropdown list and click the desired access schedule. If you do not want the group to have access to a device on a site, simply do not assign it a schedule.

9.       Click See Schedules to view a report of all the currently defined schedules for the account.

10.    Click Save Group. The group’s privileges are updated. To save changes but continue working with the same group privileges, click Save Group and Continue.

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