Users and Groups\Viewing Group DetailsViewing Group Details\To view the details for a specific group:

1.       From the Users tab, click the Group tab. The Group List displays. 

2.       Click the group you wish to view. The View Group page displays.

                                                                                                                                          Figure 34.      View Group Details

This page lists the group name, if the group has keypad unlock-hold privileges, is immune to Antipassback, the Antipassback reset time, and all doors and devices to which the group has access. Links on this page allow you to:

Edit the group’s access privileges via the Edit Group button (See Editing Group Information)

Edit the group’s name via the Edit Group button

See a list of users who belong to the group

Delete the group, if your Administrator permissions allow that action

View the history of the group in the Administrative Journal

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