Schedules and Holidays\Viewing Schedule DetailsViewing Schedule Details\To view the details for a specific schedule:

To view the details for a specific schedule:

1.       From the Setup dropdown menu, choose the Schedules tab then click on the Schedules tab. The Schedule List displays. 

2.       Click the schedule you want to view. The corresponding schedule detail page displays.

                                                                                                                                    Figure 157.      View Schedule Details

This page provides links to other pages that enable you to manage the schedule, including:

Schedule List

Edit Schedule

New Schedule

More Operations:

        Delete Schedule

        View Relationships

        Copy Schedule


Beneath this set of links is overview information for the schedule, including:

The list of days and times during which the schedule is active. For example, when this schedule is associated with a particular door all groups with access to the door will be able to use their credentials to enter or exit through the door during the indicated time periods.

The Enabling Group associated with this schedule, if any. Next to the name of the group is a note that provides a link to the Edit Privileges page so you can ensure that the group does, in fact, have privileges associated with this schedule. (For more information on assigning group privileges, see Editing Group Information starting.)

The Grace Period assigned to the Enabling Group. For a complete explanation of Group Enabled Schedules, refer to the Creating a Group Enabled Schedule section beginning.

A list of Schedule Exceptions, if any, that are observed by this schedule.

A list of Holidays, if any, that are observed by this schedule.

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