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What are Schedules?

A schedule is an editable, reusable time template that can be used to control such things as when a door is accessible or when a device is activated. A user’s access privileges are the result of a three-way relationship that is created between: (1) a group, (2) a schedule, and (3) a secured device, such as a door, floor or valid credential device.

Doors. A group of users is permitted access to a door according to a predefined schedule. This access is granted on the group’s Edit Privileges page. This page enables you to define access to a single door differently for individual groups of users. For example, the group “Staff” may have access to the “Front Door” according to the schedule “Work Day,” which allows them to access the door, using a valid credential, between the hours of 7:00AM and 6:00PM. At the same door, the group “Cleaning Crew” may have access according to the “Night Shift” schedule, permitting them access only during the hours of 8:00PM and midnight.

A door may also be assigned a Door Unlock Schedule, which specifies a period of time during which no credential is required to access the door. All users have free access during the Door Unlock Schedule period.

Floors. Using the Floor Unlock Schedule, you can specify periods of time during which no credential is required to access a floor. At other times, groups of users may be permitted credentialed access to the floor. For example, the floor “Cafeteria” may be assigned a Floor Unlock Schedule of “Lunch” which allows anyone free access to the floor between the hours of 10:45 AM and 1:15 PM. Before 10:45 and after 1:15, however, a user must present valid credentials to access the floor. The group “Cooks” may have access to the floor according to the “Lunch Prep” schedule, while the group “Cleaning Crew” may have access according to the “Night Shift” schedule. In this way, multiple schedules are used to control access to a single floor.

Devices. A schedule assigned to a timer defines when the timer will go off; a schedule assigned to a switch controls when the activation of the input point will cause the output point to be activated; and a schedule assigned to an event track device defines when the event will be tracked at the specified door. Before any of these devices is created, you must first define the schedule according to which they will operate. (No schedule is assigned to valid credential devices.)

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