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What is an Allegion Gateway?

An Allegion Gateway is a name used by Brivo Onair to describe a device(s) that allows a Brivo Onair account to utilize various types of Allegion Wireless door locks. Once an Allegion Gateway is configured on a Brivo Onair account, new doors added to the account may select the Allegion Gateway as a controller. Allegion NDE/LE Wireless Locks use an Allegion Engage Gateway while Allegion AD400 Wireless Locks use a PIM400-485 unit as a gateway.




You must preconfigure your Allegion Gateway and Allegion Wireless Locks using the Allegion installation software provided before attempting to configure them on your Brivo Onair account. If they are not preconfigured, you will be unable to properly configure the equipment in your account. Consult the Brivo Allegion Installation Guide as well as the installation instructions provided with your Allegion equipment for details on how to proceed.


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