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What is Lockdown?

The Lockdown feature allows an Administrator to quickly revoke access privileges from a large number of users, such as in an emergency situation. Lockdown can be activated for all users at all sites, or for only specific groups of users.

When activated, lockdown overrides all schedules, holidays and door timers. When it is de-activated, all schedules, holidays and effects return to their normal settings.

All lockdown activities are recorded in the Journal. Additionally, when an administrator puts an account into Lockdown for any reason, an email is sent to the email address that is in the Account section that was specified when the account was created.

Lockdown is considered de-activated only when all groups have been de-selected on the Lockdown page. If even one group remains selected, the schedules and holidays associated with that group are affected and all door timers are overridden.




For Brivo Onair panels using firmware version 5.0.12 or higher, the Lockdown feature will now respond in near real time to changes.  Wireless panels and panels with firmware version 5.0.11 or lower will continue to have access to the Lockdown feature, only without the near real time functionality.

Employing Lockdown

Only the Master Administrator and Senior Administrators have access to the Lockdown section.

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